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Parker-Shames, P. Ecological Outcomes of Cannabis Legalization: A multidisciplinary study of cannabis land use change, its social drivers, and environmental outcomes. 2022. PhD Dissertation.

Parker-Shames, P., C. Choi, V. Butsic, D. Green, B. Barry, K. Moriarty, T. Levi, J.S. Brashares. 2022. “The spatial overlap of small-scale cannabis farms with aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity.” Conservation Science and Practice.

Parker-Shames, P., Xu, W., Rich, L. & Brashares, J. 2020. “Coexisting with Cannabis: Wildlife Response to Marijuana Cultivation in the Klamath-Siskiyou Ecoregion.” California Fish and Wildlife, Special Issue on Cannabis.

Moravek, J., L. Andrews, M. Serota, J. Dorcy, M. Chapman, C. Wilkinson, P. Parker-Shames, et al. 2022. “Centering 30x30 conservation initiatives on freshwater ecosystems.” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (in press).

Dillis, C., V. Butsic, D. Moanga, P. Parker-Shames, et al. 2022. “The threat of wildfire is unique to cannabis among agricultural sectors in California.” Ecosphere (accepted).

Calhoun, K., M. Chapman, C. Tubbesing, A. McInturff, K.M. Gaynor, A. Van Scoyoc, C.E. Wilkinson, P. Parker-Shames, D. Kurz, J. Brashares. 2021. “Spatial overlap of wildfire and biodiversity in California highlights gap in non-conifer fire research and management.” Diversity and Distributions.

Dillis, C., E. Biber, H. Bodwitch, V. Butsic, J. Carah, P. Parker-Shames, et al. 2021. “Shifting geographies of legal cannabis production in California.” Land Use Policy.

Wartenberg, C.A., P.A. Holden, H. Bodwitch, P. Parker-Shames, et al. 2021. “Cannabis and the Environment: What the science tells us and what we still need to know.” Enviro. Science & Tech. Letters. Includes Response to Comment.

Wilkinson, C.E., A. McInturff, J.R.B. Miller, V. Yovovich, K.M. Gaynor, K. Calhoun, H. Karandikar, J. Vance Martin, P. Parker-Shames, et al. 2020. “An Ecological Framework for Contextualizing Carnivore-livestock Conflict.” Cons. Bio. Winner of TWS Award for Best Student Paper.

Parker-Shames, P. & B. Rodriguez-Herrera. 2013. “Maximum Weight Capacity of Leaves Used by Tent-Roosting Bats: Implications for Social Structure.” Chiroptera Neotropical 19(3): 36-43.

Just a happy coyote from a wildlife camera