Media & Outreach

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Outreach tools

Interactive mapping tool to visualize cannabis landscapes in Southern Oregon. View the Storymap on the CRC's website here, and view a tutorial video on the development of the maps and how to use the tool here.

screenshot of the cannabis storymap and link to it

To find other outreach tools that I have contributed to, such as cannabis science webinars and research briefs, please visit the Cannabis Research Center website.

Selected Presentations

PhD finishing talk: “Ecological outcomes of cannabis legalization: A multidisciplinary study of cannabis land use change, its social drivers, and environmental outcomes” at UC Berkeley's Spring 2022 Wildlife Seminar.

Jun. 2021. The Maddy Report, from the Maddy Institute on public policy. “Recreational Cannabis: Hashing out the Issues.” TV interview.

Jun. 2021. Inland Mendocino Democrats Club, “Cannabis Land Use Forum.” Invited speaker at virtual forum to discuss ecological research relevant to a proposed ordinance change in Mendocino County.

Apr. 2021. CRC Spring Webinar Series, “Best Management Practices in Cannabis Cultivation.”

Mar. 2021. California Agriculture and Natural Resources with Hannah Bird. “Spotlight on Hopland REC Research: Cannabis Field Studies - Understanding Environmental Impacts.” Invited virtual talk with Q&A.

Jan. 2021. CRC research briefing “Cannabis and Wildlife.”

Print Media

2022 June. Mongabay, Sean Mowbray, “Legal and illegal cannabis: A cause for growing environmental concern.

2022 April. High Country News, Theo Whitcomb, “For cannabis farms, ecosystem science is scarce.”

2021 February. Massive Science, Maria Gatta, “We still don’t know much about marijuana farms’ effects on wildlife”

2020 December. Berkeley Graduate Division, Kathleen Aycock, "How 5 Graduate Students Are Advancing Anti-Racist Scholarship in Their Department"

2020 October. Berkeley Rausser College of Natural Resources Press Release “Study explores impact of cannabis expansion on Western wildlife”.